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Monday, 08 August 2011
Friday, 14 September 2012
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Joomla 1.6 version released. This is a Jomsocial module which displays Similar Videos from the category which is being played. This Module is similar to the Youtube style webpage where you get to see the similar videos from a particular category to the current video being played.


Customisation Options:-

1. You can customise the thumbnail Width.

2. Number of VIdeos to Display in the Similar Categories.

3. Whether to show thumbnails or not.

4. Whether to show number of Hits or not.

5. Whether to show title or not.

6. Whether to Display Creator or not.

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For any major issues you can mail to If unsatisfied with the extension because of any technical issues you will get a refund of 50% back within 5 days of your Purchase. But please post your issues in the Forum first.

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Version: 0.0.1 - Date: 22/08/2011
Joomla 1.6 version released
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    Taiwan Network (microblogging) March 11 (Strait Herald reporter Xu Qiaona) As of yesterday, Malaysia Airlines passenger plane lost contact with the situation remains uncertain, the event becomes confusing, lost contact cause of all parties concerned.crash in the history of Taiwan, unsolved mysteries and even there are many strange events.
    Taiwan's China Airlines was established in December 1959, is the largest airline in Taiwan, but in the past 20 years, but nearly 10 major flight safety incidents.2002 Year "China Airlines crash" event, even a four-year deadline Taiwan's China Airlines (or "four-year curse") legend, the content is speculated that: "Every four years, China Airlines passenger plane may occur wholly major aircraft crash killed hundreds of people. &quot,paper straws wholesale;This is because of a plane crash in 2002, China Airlines in 1994 and 1998 have also been a major air disaster killed more than 200 people, were separated by three times just four years, so the air industry and civil society have heard this rumor, and it was predicted that in the next deadline is 2006,paper drinking straws, but in fact in 2006 China Airlines crash did not occur, this legend also proved unfounded,wholesale paper straws.
    2002 in May, "China Airlines plane crash," the most bizarre, is the first in a plane crash the day before seven, Pingtung a man received a mysterious phone message, which lasted one minute message in a man's sobs and sound of the waves, that is, "China Airlines crash" dead "spiritual message."Later it was discovered that China Airlines plane was transporting the dead back to Taiwan Qiandao Lake incident, after the aircraft crashed in Nagoya. China Airlines also sent another aircraft transporting dead bodies back to Taiwan, that plane is China Airlines CI611 flight.
    subsequent December 22, 2002, Taiwan's TransAsia Airways ATR72 aircraft flying from the French-made cargo plane en route to Macau, unfortunately crashed in the early hours in the sea southwest of Penghu. Paradoxically, this aircraft cargo plane had crashed, "China Airlines crash" in charge of carrying the remains of more than 200 victims returned to Taipei in May 2002. ATR72 crash site is only about 10 miles from Taiwan's China Airlines plane crash in May of locations.
    2002's "China Airlines crash", but also triggered a discussion of another mystery that crash site - known as the Pescadores "devil sea" mystery airspace.
    fact, "the devil sea" was not only now, back in Japan occupied Taiwan during the Japanese naval and military pilots have a nearly 30 sea miles southwest of Penghu sea airspace classified as "less to better" zone because there is always some strange things happen near,green Stripe straws, such as a magnetic compass crazy spin, the sea appeared white, spherical cloud rendering and other supernatural phenomena. Taiwan's air force in modern times and more repeat incidents here, so the area is also known as the "Bermuda Triangle Taiwan Strait.

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  • party6favor9 created a new topic ' Dot Paper Straws Aviation Knowledge"' in the forum.
    [global] after the military reported that crashed into the Indian Ocean heard 马方宣 cloth MH370 news Lido Hotel in Beijing distraught families of the passengers. Several women fainted families, medical personnel at the scene to rescue. Many male family members cried,Dot Paper Straws. French "Le Monde" that "no survivors" has announced that although cruelty and lack of evidence, but in a reasonable and expected, and now the priority is locked as soon as the waters crashed, found the wreckage and key black box, and try to find events truth, this process will be long, and during this long process, the relevant parties need to do to prepare to face the public sharp question. BBC will have reservations, commented that Najib's remarks seem based only on tracking data provided by the International Maritime Satellite Organization, and found no debris in the Indian Ocean. Ma Fang said British Airways Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB) has never been used before using the latest methods and techniques drawn conclusions airliner crashed in the South Pacific. A reporter call the AAIB, the agency said the event would not comment on Malaysia Airlines, not a statement, all the Marfan Ads prevail. a Chinese aviation experts on the 24th, "Global Times&quot,paper straws wholesale; reporter, said, based only on current information, the news is still a lack Ma Fangxuan cloth credible evidence, so the parties are looking forward to the Malaysian side to provide further information in order to ultimately make judgments. Also present critical evidence of the wreckage, and so have not found the black box, the next step should focus on search forces and strengthen the Malaysian side looking in the scoping. "Aviation Knowledge" deputy editor Wang Yanan believes that there many questions cloth message: If Marfan already have reliable evidence,paper drinking straws, why be announced after the complete range of evidence, but such a rush to announce a simple message? Has yet to find any physical evidence, Marfan announced no survivors of the crash,green drinking straws, if a little too hasty? He suspected Marfan may mastered flight information other than the evidence finally come to this conclusion. think broke the news? Please log in "Sunshine Connection" (), call the news hotline, or log Qilu network official microblogging () to provide news clues.相关的主题文章:

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