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CCAVENUES Payment for Virtuemart

Installation Procedure for CCAVENUES payment module for VirtueMart


CCAvenues VirtueMart Payment module for a leading Indian online payment system. CCAVENUES works with the latest VirtueMart 1.1.9 version. In order to receive payments via Credit Card, Net Banking, Mobile Payments the customer has to purchase a merchant account from CCAVENUES. So merchants must be registered with CCAVENUES.


An installation procedure:


  1. Download the Zip File Extract it.
  2. There are total four files out of which the payment folder has the files that should be placed inside the classes/payment folder and  the file notify_ccav.php should be placed in com-virtumart folder

3.   Login to Administrator Area - site administrator panel.

Select VirtueMart shop in Components drop list, then select List     Payment Methods.

Create a new payment method "CCAVENUES".

Enter code "ccvm".

Select ps_ccavenues class.



  • Open file ps_ccavenues_info_part.php with editor. Copy the php code.
  • Paste to "Payment Extra Info" textarea inside the "Configuration" tab.
  • Fill a "Configuration" tab according to payment config data in CCAVENUES.


For further details you can mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Youtube Related Videos Component

Release of Youtube Related Videos Component for Joomla 1.5.

Get related videos based on title of your page and display the videos in your own site.

Audience will never leave your site.

Download and get tons of visitors to your site.

For Demo Check this link DEMO.


Those who purchased the Youtube Related Videos Module and would like to purchase Component can jump to this link.

Youtube Related Videos. Component Alone.

Youtube Related Videos (Component Alone)

Those having Youtube Related Videos Module and like to purchase the component can simply download the component given below. Also you should download the updated module (Youtube Related Videos) modified to work with this component.


Virtuemart Links not working

Virtuemart links going to some other site.

Generally happens when we change the configuration parameters or when you go from test server to a live server.

Reason the urls are not stored in the database when it is changed instead links are stored in a file called virtuemart.cfg.php inside administrator->components->com_virtuemart.

Trying to search in database would be waste and you will be wondering why the hell it is getting redirected to some other site when there is no links to that site in database.

Follow these steps to recover:-

Go to the file mentioned above

Around line no 34-35 you will see this lines

define( 'URL', 'http://localhost/joomlaoldsite/' );
define( 'SECUREURL', 'https://localhost/joomlaoldsite/' );

Change it to

define( 'URL', 'http://joomlalivesite.tld/' );
define( 'SECUREURL', 'https://joomlalivesite.tld/' );


For any other queries you can jump to our question and answer section.

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