Top 10 Ways To Pull Attention of Search Engines To Your Website

Continuos changes, modifyication,  alteration, addition is what you have to do on a regular basis in your site, so that search engine can know that your site is always active with updated contents. Add as many important keywords you want and check the keywords that are more searched for. Update and add to the contents on your website frequently and expand the number of search terms or key phrases you can get found for.Use some tools available in JED to autocreate contents from RSS. You can get fresh updated content and create more spider-food on your website.

Here are the top ten ways to add fresh content to your site:

1. Use a Content Management Systems

Free and Open Source Softwares like Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress etc are called Content Management Systems (CMS) which allows you or your website visitors to add, edit or delete content to your website without having to create and format the pages manually as in Dreamweaver etc. A CMS makes your work lot more easier. Most of these are PHP based Scripts.
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2. Newsletters or Online Magazines

Try to Publish regularly newsletter or Online Magazines as it is an excellent way to add content at regular intervals and get a returning traffic to your site.

3. Create a Bloggers Zone

A Blog is a platform for your users to vent their ideas on a particular topic. Provide them an account ID and alow them to post their comments to your blog, thereby adding more fresh content for you. There are several Blog sites like run by Google, technorati etc where viewers creates their own blogs.

4. Live Forum or Bulletin Boards

Forums like PHPBB3, Vbulletin etc are an excellent tool for building content and creating an online community that will keep your viewers engaged in arguements. Most of these Forums are Open Source so you can use them for Free. The best part about a forum is that it allows your visitors to build your content for you. However, it does require time and energy, and some technical knowledge to moderate and maintain forums. So it is better to have more than one moderator who can keep your site live and help your viewers and keep the Forum Clean.

5. Create Community

This can be a best platform where users will interact with each other through mails, chat etc. This will keep your site always busy. Examples are Facebook, Orkut, Hi5 etc.

6. Reviews or Ratings

Reviewing and Rating a write-up on any article, new products or resources related to your site can pull the Marketers who will ask you to advertise their products and in return you can also get some bucks which you can use to improve your site.

It is also an excellent way to get found for the keywords related to the product you review. You can also do regular interviews of experts in your industry and put up the transcript on your site.

7. RSS or Newsfeeds

This is the latest trend in the Web Industry where it allows syndication of *expert* news and content that is regularly updated at the source.

Using RSS feeds you can enhance your site content without the need to write a single line on your own. Search engines love RSS feeds and are known to spider pages with such feeds more often. So you can submit your RSS Feeds to the search engines first and you will notice that the RSS feeds get indexed faster than your normal Web URL's. There are various RSS scripts which you can get from etc. For Joomla users ninja syndication is the best RSS Feed. As I have been using it for long.

8. Create Quiz Content

Try creating new quiz contests in your site so that your viewers can test themselves against any particular subject. And suppose you have a site for Television Products so before a buyer purchases your product you can divert the viewer to go through your questionaires which can refine the product search so that ultimately theyreach their desired product.

9. Have Unique Contents

Create some unique contents that will attract search engines to index your site. Have something important and useful for viewers. They should be glued to the article and should try to read more and more of it.

10. Create Polls

Try to create new Polls so that your viewers would be sharing their opinion through vote. You can also create a graph of the Votes and show to your users. This will make it more attractive.
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