Problem models\model.php on line 850

Problem models\model.php on line 850

1)    Well looking at your paths and the host page they appear to be a Windows/IIS server only host.
Please run the phpinfo() script from your web_root/ directory

Add the following code to a new file and save as info.php (name is unimportant call it what-you-like)


Upload this file to your web_root/ directory and then call it from your Web browser as

Save the HTML output and zip it up and add that file to your forum post using the upload attachment function to the bottom left of the Post Editor screen

2) Now Download a fresh copy of Joomla! make sure you are not using a Windows/M$ compression manager to unzip the file on your local directory and use a non-Windows/M$ FTP Client to transfer the files to your remote server.

Just before you commence the Web Installation create a completely empty file (absolutely nothing inside it) and save it as configuration.php in the joomla_root/ directory. Using your FTP Client make sure the file permissions are set to make it writable.


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