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I uploaded your question extension to my site  www.love-n-knysna.co.za but the "ask a question" layout is totally of the page, where can i change the positioning of the "ask a question" section so it will look nice and neat.



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Answer :-
Have you uploaded the latest questions component?

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  • party6favor9 created a new topic ' paper straws outlet Before 23' in the forum.
    Malaysian Prime Minister Najib.evening of 24 held a news conference to announce a temporary, "according to the latest data, MH370 flight in the southern Indian Ocean, the end." Marfan what made this "conclusion"? The analysis using what means? "Fly" it? People there are many questions. asked why an agency assist in the investigation? Q: why British agencies involved in the investigation? A: According to Najib introduced to the British air accident investigation at the Malaysian side informed that the agency and the International Maritime Satellite Organization analysis, MH370 flight fell into the southern Indian Ocean. British air accident investigation office was established in 1915, currently belonging to the British Department of Transport. International Maritime Satellite Organization, headquartered in London, was founded in 1979 as a non-profit international organization nature, has become a provider of global mobile satellite communications services. Why these two institutions in the survey lost to the flight? British Transport Ministry official on the 24th of Xinhua News Agency, told reporters that the reason for the crash investigation department involved in the investigation of aviation incidents outside the UK, because as long as there is any part of the British-made aircraft, the Department will assist in the investigation, "it is standard procedure, "there is nothing special. asked 2 "Doppler effect" analysis of the signal fly?
    Q: Why is never used analysis tools? A: Najib on the 24th, said the two organizations had never been applied by means of an analytical tool in such investigations, concluded that, MH370 flight flying along the Southern Corridor, the last position in the central Indian Ocean .
    Najib did not elaborate on what means. Vice President of the International Maritime Satellite Organization McLean in an interview with British media explained that although MH370 flight shut down communication systems, but satellite Inmarsat can still receive from electronic signals sent by the aircraft. It is through the organization earlier this signal may be given to the aircraft lost contact with two north-south corridor.
    The organization of scientists and subsequently use the Doppler effect theory a lot of data analysis, based on satellite transmission signal with respect to changes in the frequency, inferred aircraft is flying towards and away from the satellite, combined with other reference factor, and with once in North-South Corridor flying aircraft historical data comparison, given MH370 ultimately to conclusions. McLoughlin said signal their analysis is a simple acoustic pulses, excluding the GPS data, time, location and other information. This signal is relatively weak, issued only once per hour, can only be a satellite to capture and contain minimal amount of information, can not be analyzed by conventional techniques based on multiple satellites, etc., can only be used in the past have not tried the new means.
    questioning three partial results by "guess"?

    Q: Some rely on "guess" the results are credible?

    A: McLoughlin acknowledged that process electronic signals emitted from their last Where in the analysis MH370, partly by "guessing." In an interview with British Sky News interview, said: "We do not know whether the aircraft flying at a constant speed, do not know if it subsequently changed direction."

    He said: "Ma flight machine has not been mandated to issue a position signal, so we are" guess
    "out of its location which is've never done before.."
    The company's experts previously thought, Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight along the north-south corridor in an at least two flight of five hours. Accordingly rescue work shift in the Indian Ocean region.

    McLoughlin said, because the screening to determine the signal, so it took 2 weeks to finally come to the conclusion aircraft flying to the southern corridor.

    Inmarsat communications department head Jonathan? said they collected some of the other Boeing 777 aircraft data on this same route of flight, and with the assumed route to do comparison, an exact match. These findings before publication is passed another test of a satellite company.

    evening of 23 Inmarsat will deliver their conclusions with the British air accident investigation office.

    "Before 23, 2009, the British air accident investigation office not sure Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight along the southern corridor." McLoughlin said.

    Inmarsat said it belongs satellite companies can pay close attention to the relatively low prices for flights and ground and air exchange to provide data to help better plan flight routes, flight times and fuel savings. This widely used for ship transport system has observation and communications technology that allows air traffic control personnel aware of the location where the aircraft.

    McLoughlin stressed that the analysis results through the peer review. Nevertheless, the authorities still wary of their conclusions. White House officials and the State Department spokesman, respectively, lost contact for Malaysia Airlines flights to whether "the end" in the southern Indian Ocean, as well as the fate of missing persons in the United airliner, the United States currently can not be independently confirmed.

    It was also noted that the new analytical tools Inmarsat is the first time, the lack of precedent, remains to be validated objects found after plane lost contact. In addition, Malaysia is still not announced to support its conclusion all the relevant information and evidence, which also increases people's concerns. Some netizens said in a message on the 25th British "Economist" magazine website, before the object is found, there is no conclusive evidence on hurriedly announced are "imprudent."

    battery runs out of power 30 days time too urgent search black box

    find the black box flight MH370 become unlock the mystery of the missing key to work. Black box can usually transmit signals 30 days, from the 8th has been 18 days since lost contact, leaving not much time to search for people.

    limited time

    black box is usually two, one is the flight data recorder, flight data recording all kinds, such as flight time, speed, altitude, etc.; another language recorder to record cockpit and cockpit pilots, pilots of between the cockpit and the passenger's speech voice.

    based upon the plane crash, black box signals the battery must be guaranteed for at least 30 days. But some experts say that after 30 days, the black box can be noisy 15 days or longer, depending on the black box of the battery power.

    Some experts say that the case did not get the black box, investigators almost impossible to determine the exact cause of aircraft accidents.

    by the experts say, in the ocean searching black box, the general need to find the wreckage, then falling designated area, and then find the black box. If you are unsure whether crash [/b]or falling position, look for the black box may be in vain.


    Chinese military aircraft on the 24th and were suspected of wreckage floating objects in the search operation, if confirmed belong MH370, will help find the black box.
    confirm MH370 debris, experts should be based on ocean currents,paper straws outlet, weather estimate the actual aircraft crashed position to searchers looking for the black box.
    former member of the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board Gaulias said: "This is a race, the black box to receive the signal in time when the black box is still working."

    the 24th U.S. Department of Defense confirmed that U.S. military personnel have departed the Australian transport towed sonar can be used to detect the black box and the &quot,pink drinking straws;tuna" underwater automatic aircraft. Towed sonar towed slowly by a merchant ship, which is highly sensitive hearing can hear the sound of about 20,000 feet pulse signal (6100 m) deep emitted by the black box.


    black box before the battery runs out, if there is no strong signal lock, searchers will have to use side-scan sonar emitted by a device to detect submarine, analysis echoes draw undersea graphics.

    through these graphics, experts often do not need to find any abnormal shape or appearance of the seabed in this area.

    sonar detection devices can be dragged from one vessel or miniature unmanned submarine, scanning the search area, mapping the seabed graphics, search the wreckage.
    This is a search to find
    staff of Air France Flight 447 wreckage approach. Underwater search tool to scan a mountainous seabed, the data returned by sea vessels, ship for expert analysis. Eventually, the sonar to detect evidence of possible wreckage. Another equipped with a high resolution camera underwater vehicle was sent into the sea, so that scientists can detect the area visually.

    laudatory not independently confirm MH370 fate

    U.S. State Department spokesman Mary? Huff 24, said that for Malaysia on Malaysia Airlines flight lost contact with the "end&quot,Striped Paper Straws; of the conclusions in the southern Indian Ocean, the United States were not able to be "independent confirmation."

    Huff at a regular news conference,colord straws, said: "I do not make any independent confirmation." Under the reporter asked, she replied:. "I have no reason to believe this is not true, I just do not have any The latest information can be provided to you. "Huff said, the United States and the Government of Malaysia be a" very close "cooperation.

    Australia ready to meet the families of the passengers

    Australian Prime Minister Tony? Abbott on the 25th, said he and Malaysian Prime Minister Najib day, Australia will continue to provide support for the MH370 flight search work by telephone.

    MH370 flight search in waters about 2,500 kilometers from the Australian city of Perth in southwest southwestern unfold. At this stage, the search and rescue coordinated by Australia in the waters.

    Abbott told reporters in Canberra, if the passengers and crew of flight MH370 families choose this "difficult time" came to Australia, the Australian side will be very welcome.

    edition Ventura are, according to Xinhua News Agency

    paper straws

    paper straws outlet this ban a security
    8 hours 33 minutes ago
  • party6favor9 created a new topic ' paper drinking straws' in the forum.
    Taiwan Network (microblogging) March 11 (Strait Herald reporter Xu Qiaona) As of yesterday, Malaysia Airlines passenger plane lost contact with the situation remains uncertain, the event becomes confusing, lost contact cause of all parties concerned.crash in the history of Taiwan, unsolved mysteries and even there are many strange events.
    Taiwan's China Airlines was established in December 1959,paper drinking straws, is the largest airline in Taiwan, but in the past 20 years, but nearly 10 major flight safety incidents.2002 Year "China Airlines crash" event, even a four-year deadline Taiwan's China Airlines (or "four-year curse") legend, the content is speculated that: "Every four years, China Airlines passenger plane may occur wholly major aircraft crash killed hundreds of people. "This is because of a plane crash in 2002, China Airlines in 1994 and 1998 have also been a major air disaster killed more than 200 people, were separated by three times just four years, so the air industry and civil society have heard this rumor, and it was predicted that in the next deadline is 2006, but in fact in 2006 China Airlines crash did not occur, this legend also proved unfounded.
    2002 in May, "China Airlines plane crash,&quot,paper straws; the most bizarre, is the first in a plane crash the day before seven, Pingtung a man received a mysterious phone message,Striped Paper Straws, which lasted one minute message in a man's sobs and sound of the waves, that is, "China Airlines crash" dead "spiritual message."Later it was discovered that China Airlines plane was transporting the dead back to Taiwan Qiandao Lake incident, after the aircraft crashed in Nagoya. China Airlines also sent another aircraft transporting dead bodies back to Taiwan, that plane is China Airlines CI611 flight.
    subsequent December 22, 2002, Taiwan's TransAsia Airways ATR72 aircraft flying from the French-made cargo plane en route to Macau, unfortunately crashed in the early hours in the sea southwest of Penghu. Paradoxically, this aircraft cargo plane had crashed, "China Airlines crash" in charge of carrying the remains of more than 200 victims returned to Taipei in May 2002. ATR72 crash site is only about 10 miles from Taiwan's China Airlines plane crash in May of locations.
    2002's &quot,pink drinking straws;China Airlines crash", but also triggered a discussion of another mystery that crash site - known as the Pescadores "devil sea" mystery airspace.
    fact, "the devil sea" was not only now, back in Japan occupied Taiwan during the Japanese naval and military pilots have a nearly 30 sea miles southwest of Penghu sea airspace classified as "less to better" zone because there is always some strange things happen near, such as a magnetic compass crazy spin, the sea appeared white, spherical cloud rendering and other supernatural phenomena. Taiwan's air force in modern times and more repeat incidents here, so the area is also known as the "Bermuda Triangle Taiwan Strait.

    drinking straws without providing proof of identity of danger

  • party6favor9 created a new topic ' party favor bags produce erroneous readings' in the forum.
    When MH370 missing a few days, all kinds of rumors flying. Finally in the 12th, the Chinese side expressed the hope that the Malaysian side to unify the timely release of authoritative sources, specific information. 15, according to information provided by the Prime Minister Marfan search range from Malacca to expand to Kazakhstan - Thailand, Indonesia - a wider expanse of the Indian Ocean region Find time to work into the fifth day , a Brazilian aviator, was found floating in a sea of ​​debris, which confirmed the debris from Air France 447 aircraft, also confirmed that everyone on the 447, with no survivors.
    addition to debris floating in the sea, the search also found a number of life jackets intact, indicating that the passengers did not make drowning preparation, they did not even have time to wear a life jacket. tail is also important to come back, and fracture traces show: tail is drowning in the rip, that is, before the plane fell into the water and did not disintegrated, it is not because of a bomb or turbulence triggered.
    only way to locate the black box of the aircraft to locate the battery life of only 30 days. France sent a U.S. Navy nuclear-powered submarines equipped with monitoring devices and two French boats, and some sonar boat,party favor bags, capturing the weak signals coming from the seabed. However, in search of more than 22,000 square kilometers of seabed, the searchers were ruefully admitted that they found nothing. before actually find MH370, people are unable to get the truth. Now grasp the message, still can not confirm the whereabouts of the aircraft and cockpit what happened, so that the disappearance of the plane waves investigators will bet on the last search. Exploration ship "Alou West Road," Li Mosi 6000 with three submarines - the world's most advanced underwater detection equipment, as well as underwater detection experts, set sail.
    Air France nearly two years after the events of the past, BEA was caught in a dilemma, search job to spend 22 million euros, the lack of any breakthrough. studied thousands of pieces of the wreckage, the investigators can only speculate that the aircraft crashed into the sea in the overall. In addition, the evidence investigators also owned the aircraft before the crash SCARC maintenance data is sent to the 24 Air France. Data show that the aircraft had a blocked pitot tube problems (pitot tube located outside the body, is a small cylindrical sensors, air flow from the fluid in the pipe is calculated airspeed outdated accounting.) Pitot tube was frozen, but "will not" cause crash [/b], BEA investigator Alain said, "Air France has notified the performance had a pitot tube was frozen after the pilot, and what should be taken to deal with Measures. " clues to form a mystery to be solved, after the exclusion of many possible problems back to square one: To find the black box. BEA hopes will last a marine research institutions in the United States: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute?. This institute is located in Massachusetts, it is over 12,000 feet deep they found the underwater wreckage of the Titanic.
    3 25 March this mission, get the financial support of more than 10 million euros. They selected the location of the aircraft finally lost the signal radius of 37 km of the search area. Submarines and exploration vessels working separately.week later, revealing the submarine acoustic. a huge object: the object is very straight, looks, unlike the naturally formed object. Under
    4 on 3, the last position in the aircraft beyond 12 km to the northeast, the depth of nearly 4,000 meters from the sea, Air France 447 images depicting the show in front of a search team: engines, landing gear, fuselage wreckage ......
    subsequent search team found the wreckage of Flight 447's two flight recorders: specialized flight recorder records various data; between the pilot and the cockpit recorded cockpit voice recorder. Inside this black box is orange people two years to pursue the truth.
    data and recordings show that the pitot tube is indeed frozen, produce erroneous readings, prompting the autopilot off, the pilots know when trained Pitot tube automatically thawed after one minute, after which the data will be normal airspeed , as long as the pilot stabilized the aircraft on the line. But pilots Boonen has pulled back the lever to lift the nose, the plane up and rushed over 2500 feet, causing slowdowns, and then stall warning is triggered, the state of aerodynamic stall, the wing loses lift, they more than 12,000 per minute foot speed fall. This time if they let down the nose to get the lift to accelerate the disaster may be avoided, but the captain could not come quickly grasp the situation, and the co-pilot Boonen continues to pull back the lever, the aircraft stalled last "like a stone Like fell down. BEA announced the final results of the investigation,paper drinking straws, the crew found the crash was due to a lack of adequate training, did not follow the procedural guidelines and ignore the flight stall warning caused. So far, a total cost of over 35 million euros in the investigation, and finally be drawing to an end. After missing the first three days .
    MH370, a family member called the brother to take the flight telephone,paper straws wholesale, phone rang three times after a long broken. He then dialed twice, the display on the phone the same signal, but after ringing long ring three times, a voice prompt call can not be connected. Families who just want an answer.
    Air France is difficult to victims' families have experienced, Patricia knew the missing aircraft, but also try to hit her husband's cell phone, the phone is also switched on, she could not believe her husband with the aircraft sink into the seabed . People know that he can get through continued after her husband phone call, hoping someone can pick the phone,paper straws outlet.
    Patricia said: "If the phone to ring, it means that the phone is not in the sea it is my hope that I can not bear the fact that he can not go back home.." aircraft disappeared from, crash [/b], search and rescue, salvage, has found 154 bodies of the victims returned to their loved ones, which means that there are 74 477 passengers and their families "lost contact" as the "Lost Flight" eternal passengers.

    paper straws outlet is unprecedented in the true sense.

    paper straws bulk Outside
    2 days ago

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