Advanced Facebook Like Box

Thanks for downloading Advanced Facebook Like Box. You are in that page means you need some help in set up the module on your website.

You can install our module like any other Joomla modules from Joomla Extensions Manager.

Than go to Module Manager – Choose your preferred Joomla module position and publish it on the website. That’s it! – No API needed and very easy.

Some information about configuration fields of our module written below:

1.Facebook Page URL: Absolute URL of your facebook page

2.Width: The width of the plugin in pixels. Minimum is 292.

3.Height: The height of the plugin in pixels. 

4.Background Color: Choose your preferable color from the color picker.

5.Color Scheme: Choose from two option (Light or Dark)

6.Show Friend Faces: Show / Hide – Show will shows the thumbnail of your facebook friends and Hide will hidden the faces.

7.Header: Show or Hide Facebook Header

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