Advanced Twitter Display

Thanks for installing Advanced Twitter Display. Feel Free to contact us for any kind of support.

This module will helps you to show feeds from your twitter profile.

Please follow the steps one by one –

Step 1: As you have already downloaded the zip file called : “mod_advanced_twitter_display” – so login to your website administrator : and then install the module from Extensions>>Extensions Manager

Step 2: Now go to Module Manager and create a new Module or Edit the existing Module called - Advanced Twitter Display

Step 3: You will find some configuration value like bottom of the image

Step 4: Filled the values as you need

Module Class Suffix – for css class

Twitter username – your twitter username

Number of tweets – No. of tweets you want to appear on your module

Step 5: Now you have to create a twitter app for your website

i)                    go here - - then click on “Create a new application” button on top right

ii)                   A form will open – Give a Name of your application, description and website url you have installed our module – accept the agreement and than click on “Create your Twitter application” – button at bottom

iii)                 then you will get your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret – for access token and access token secret click on the button “Create my access token” – from bottom

Step 6: Now you have all info required – fill those info on module parameters

Step 7: Set a module position and save the module

If you wish you can choose some customize option like show profile photo or not – as well add link option can disable too

That’s it!! Enjoy!

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